Art Therapy

Head of Service:Anna von Heyl

Art therapy is a therapeutic method used for physical and psychological disorders. This method is based on the knowledge that the process of artistic creation and confrontation with the created work of art has a healing effect. It is not about creating particularly beautiful works, but about getting in touch with one’s inner world and thus achieving better self-knowledge. The artistic work thus becomes a mirror of the soul, establishing contact with the deeper levels of consciousness and making them tangible. Everyone can benefit from art therapy and get to know themselves better in this process, even those who have never created anything before, no artistic talent is needed. The goal is to become creatively active and to try freely, without inhibitions or fear of ‘making mistakes’.

«With our paintings we can express what we cannot find words for»

The resulting artistic works help to distance themselves from difficult life issues and can be seen without values and from ever new perspectives. The art therapist helps patients to better understand their works and thus themselves. This enables them to dive deep into their inner world and to mobilise and strengthen their powers of self-healing. It is easier to express one’s state of mind through artistic creation than through words. The subsequent joint discussion of the works often produces surprising insights that are very valuable for the healing process. In every work of art there is potential for healing and progress, which is then elaborated in the further therapeutic discussion.