Nursing Care Service

Head of Service: Valérie De Rosa

The Nursing Care service, thanks to its specialised team of about fifty people, is one of the main activities of the Clinica Santa Croce.

The role of the nurse, especially in psychiatry, assumes a crucial value for the design and implementation of a path to recovery of the patient, collaborating fully in the provision of a therapeutic project designed and shared with the patient and the other actors of care.

This synergistic approach between the various departments allows the Clinic to guarantee a complete response to the needs of the patient, enhancing the tools of psychiatric nursing and helping relationships, which are increasingly fundamental for a service that must take into account the biological, psychological, socio-cultural and spiritual needs of the person.

The Nursing Care team is made up of Clinical Mental Health Specialists, Experienced Nurses and Generalist Nurses, prepared to deal with the difficulties of the patient at a delicate time in their life journey.

The specialist knowledge, attitudes and skills of the nursing staff are of fundamental importance for the functioning of all the clinical services, therefore, in addition to a careful selection of personnel, refresher and training courses are regularly offered, both internally and in conjunction with external structures such as Scuola Specializzata Superiore in Cure Infermieristiche and Scuola Universitaria Professionale dell’Svizzera Italiana.

The nursing organisation of the clinic is modular: the modules (or sections) are sized on the beds and floors of the clinic and make up a care unit led and supervised by a Department Head.

This type of organisational structure is aimed at taking care of the person and his entourage by means of personalised, differentiated and integrated care in a concept that places the interdisciplinary team as a tool and value to be pursued in the Santa Croce Clinic.

In addition to planning and supporting activities in the care of the patient, the nurse offers a fundamental function of listening to the person, acting as a container for their suffering, implementing interventions to alleviate psychological pain and offering an attentive and non-intrusive presence that favours the expression of personal content.

Specifically, the helping relationship has an important meaning that words, gestures, non-verbal expressions, silences and glances contribute to create, therefore, in addition to a high level of specific preparation, the nurse has the appropriate sensitivity and empathy to be able to effectively approach the situation of the patient.

Finally, in order to help alleviate the patients psychological discomfort, the nurse is also the promoter and organiser of some group activities aimed at enriching experiences and emotions that allow patients to acquire greater confidence and self-awareness.

  • Small Expenses Group

    The activity of the Gruppo Spesa aims at an observation of personal skills and social behaviour of the patient. It is an activity structured as a real group for the re-learning of “social skills” (ability to observe social conventions, contacts with individuals and groups, money management in order to promote the empowerment of the person).

  • Ball at Center Group

    Sport, specifically football, becomes a means of promoting health and a healthy lifestyle that helps to stimulate, develop and strengthen resources and autonomy.

  • Music Group

    The music group is a rehabilitative/recreational activity that consists in letting the person express himself through singing or the use of musical instruments. One of the objectives of this group is to improve socialisation, allow individual expression, improve self-esteem, combat the stigma attached to psychiatric pathologies and encourage mutual listening.