Responsible for the Service:Antonio Caggioni

The socio-therapy service is a rehabilitative space where the main objectives are to offer patients a less structured and medicalised rehabilitation possibility, but equally useful and functional for the recovery of residual abilities and the social, living and working reintegration.
The rehabilitation objectives are those of socialisation, the promotion of creative and playful activities, free emotional expression outside of a therapeutic setting and the promotion of values such as: sharing, mutual respect, collaboration, personal responsibility in the management of space and time and of oneself.

Activities are proposed with free access: the person can enter the dedicated space autonomously and interpret the place as a “living room”: it is possible to prepare a coffee, read a book or a newspaper, knit in a relational and environmental context of tranquility and sharing.
Themed activities are also organised to encourage the discovery of new personal and interpersonal skills: writing group, cooking and/or baking group, self-care group (methods for preparing cosmetics at home are taught), painting group or play activities (board games).
This activity is constantly being readjusted to better accommodate and respond to the needs of patients who require a wide-ranging welcome: it is possible to participate in sociotherapy activities as an inpatient in the Clinic or even in Day Hospital.