Sun, Nature and Art.

The Canton of Ticino, located in the southernmost part of Switzerland, enjoys a temperate climate and an extraordinary variety of landscapes.
The inhabitants of German and French-speaking Switzerland also call it Sonnenstube, and it is no coincidence; the hours of sunshine in the Locarno region are over 2,170 per year, well above the Swiss average. Thanks to the constant presence of the sun, the conditions for a mild and temperate climate are created throughout the year: the temperature rarely falls below zero in winter, or exceeds 30 degrees in summer.

The landscapes of the canton of Ticino range from the massive mountains and glacier valleys of the north, to the lake landscape of the central part with the regions of Lake Verbano and Lake Ceresio, and finally the almost Mediterranean atmosphere of the south with its vineyards and airy landscapes. Worthy of note are the enchanting landscapes of the Verzasca Valley, the impressive snow-covered panorama of Airolo and the massive Monte Tamaro.

In addition to its natural resources and landscape, Ticino also enjoys a discreet urbanization embellished by historical buildings, squares and architectural works of a certain importance. History, architecture and creativity blend with the natural landscape, expressing the special harmony between man and the environment that exists in this place. The Piazza Grande in Locarno, the Villa Ciani in Lugano, the Castles of Bellinzona and the fiore di Pietra at the top of Monte Generoso are testimony to this.

To accompany the beauty of the landscape and the architectural works of the Canton there is also a discreet cultural activity that counts among its ranks important film and music festivals. The Locarno Film Festival, with over 70 editions, is one of the most prestigious film festivals in Europe. JazzAscona offers more than 200 concerts and 300 artists in July in the charming village of Ascona. The recently opened LAC (Lugano Arte e Cultura) is a cultural crossroads between Northern and Southern Europe with a variety of exhibitions, theatre performances and concerts.