Vision and Mission

The vision of the Clinica Santa Croce is inherent in the ambitious ideal of the Houshmand family to create in Ticino a service of care of excellence for people who live the suffering of disease. This is the reason why, in 1995, they believed they had to give a future to a reality that since 1950 had seen the devotion of many people, religious and lay, in caring for the sick.

“We must always be the point of reference for psychiatry of excellence in Italian-speaking Switzerland, offering the possibility for everyone to benefit from the best therapies available.
Technological processes, medical knowledge and socio-economic dynamics in Switzerland will continually transform the health sector and it is our duty to ride these changes with enthusiasm and conviction, operating with dynamism, innovation, quality and efficiency. Medical and technological innovation must never take precedence over the need to keep the human and holistic relationship with the patient at the centre of our mission.”

It is in this spirit that our mission is oriented to create relationships with national and international partners of excellence able to activate exchanges of expertise in the field of research and application of the most modern methods of treatment of patients suffering from mental illness. As we firmly believe in the importance of community medicine and the effectiveness of networking, we are committed to creating lasting relationships with excellent local providers in order to integrate expertise, to ensure the future sustainability of the Swiss healthcare system and to offer integrated and coordinated care for as long as our patients require clinical support. For all of this, the human beings are the kingpin of our project, both patients and employees. Human intelligence, flair and sensitivity are irreplaceable elements for the success of any project and this is why we invest in ensuring that each member of our teams shares the same vision and values and always has the best skills.