The Santa Croce Clinic is arranged on several levels, three of which are used to accommodate the inpatient rooms, all equipped with room service and TV.

First and Second Floor

The first and second floors accommodate patients with basic insurance in double or single rooms facing the lake. On both floors there are also some rooms (double or single) facing the mountain.

On the first floor there are also the ConTatto Ward (more information here) and the Protected Ward of the Clinic.

The Protected Ward can accommodate up to seven patients divided into four hospital rooms and is intended to accommodate patients in forced or voluntary hospitalization who require high medical and nursing surveillance. The permanence in the ward is limited only to the period necessary to re-establish a clinical picture suitable for transfer to the open wards of the structure.

Third Floor

The third floor of the Clinic accommodates patients with supplementary insurance or patients who decide to bear the costs privately for a service in addition to the basic coverage, as well as patients from abroad.
In the department the rooms are all facing the lake and have a surface area of between 20 and 35 square metres. They are also all equipped with TV, HiFi system and a large area for relaxation. Access to the floor is reserved for authorised patients only.