GET® Method

Within the framework of the Interreg and Young Inclusion project, Clinica Santa Croce has introduced the GET® METHOD to its care offer from September 2021

GET® Method is a psychotherapeutic method which aims to restore a better quality of life to the borderline personality disorder. It is the first evidence-based method for the treatment of borderline personality disorders, created and developed entirely in Italy.

The treatment provides an equal experience in groups focused on the main psychopathological problems of Borderline Disorder. In the groups a homogeneous setting is established in which participants learn new knowledge about their emotions and crisis management through a greater understanding of their inner world.

The Therapeutic Experiential Groups (GET®) led by a facilitator are in fact the tool to act on the core of the borderline disorder that we can identify in the:

  • Emotional dysregulation is an atypical way of perceiving emotions, which are therefore too strong and difficult to manage, often resulting in emotional overload.

  • Impulsivity, that is, behavior impulsively adapted to manage emotional suffering that often becomes harmful to the person: self-injurious behavior, sexual promiscuity, drug use, eating disorders.

  • Loneliness, emptiness and a sense of abandonment, or the perception of oneself as unworthy of society and therefore a tendency to isolate oneself and to constantly fear abandonment by those around one.

What’s the Borderline Disorder?

How does the GET® Method work?

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